This five-storey building has two pavilions and one full square duplex apartment. One pavilion has 3 floors (useful for store/gallery) and other only one (cafe/office). Entrance to the apartment is located on the back side and routed through stairwell. Apartment also has direct exit to the roof.

OWNER’S MENU. To access the main menu please hold down the mouse button for 2-3 secs on any door. A short click will just open/close the door.


Version 1.2 updates:
– Removed columns from retail space
– Greeting switched off by default
– Rebaked textures (less red component)
– Scripts heavily updated
– Added size presets (from RL to default x1.5)
– Added sounds for doors
– Access control for each door
– Added Full Bright switcher
– Automatic door opener switcher
– Now doors can be opened or closed by touch
– Now possible to hang the poster on the door
– New “suggest” way
– New “device-like” packaging (100% original mesh)
– Version 1.1 is also available

Version 1.1 updates: 
– Now resizable

– 100% original mesh product
– Handmade LODs/physics/unwrap
– Outdoor ambient occlusion (self-shading)
– Indoor global illumination with baked shadows
– 77 light sources
– Separated indoor and outdoor objects
– Quick “full bright” switcher (none/full/only indoor)
– Sound effects for doors
– Access control for each door
– Automatic doors opening (ability to switch off)
– Size without ground shading: 45 m. x 32 m. x 32 m
– Size with ground shading: 64 m. x 56 m. x 32 m
– Resizable (minimum useful size: 30 m. x 22 m. x 22 m)
– Size presets (from RL to default x1.5)
– Land impact: 93 – 151 prim (depends on size)
– Copy/Modify permissions
– Visits/traffic stats and history (32 last visits + current)
– Without a rezer (it is not necessary)
– Built-in services
(free updates/news/immediate feedback/extras)
– Fullperm textures.

Main menu: 
– Theme – Choice of theme (one available)
– Statistics – Visits/Traffic/Hosts statistics
– Update – Request update
– Door – Access control for selected door
– Manual – Gives owner’s manual
– News – Request information about new releases
– Parameters – Full bright/sounds/opener switcher, opacity control and size presets
– Suggest – Write your feedback
– Reconfig – Performs a reconfiguration
– Reset – Resets script
– Extras – Request for additional materials

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