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The Slave Registry is a platform where person’s whom identify as consensual slaves and owned submissives are able to record their personal slave identification number. This concept of electronically assigning a slave number to a person whom identified as a slave within an M/s dynamic originated back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. (The history predates this time, this is just when computers became part of the mix)

The first consensual slave registry was TSR’s slaveregister which started recording slave numbers in 2000 and was followed by slave registry which was originally founded in 2001 but wasn’t utilized much until aprox Aug 2015. Slave register stopped issuing recorded slave numbers in July 2016 and slave registry changed it’s numbering system around that time. All in between the two somewhere around 250,000 slave numbers where formally recorded during this time.

On April 4th 2017 what I consider a personal tragedy struck the M/s community, instead of passing the torch was allowed to expire by the owner of the domain at the time. This caused a loss of all SR-SIN’s that were issued from a period of roughly 2015 to 2017 when the host server deleted the data from their computers. Combined with slave register no longer maintaining any records beyond issued SLRN slave numbers the platforms for persons whom identify as slaves within their dynamic and /or relationship where effectively shut off.

Visit new slaveregister website now

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Subs Don’t Need “Training” but Dom’s Do

Article by Truth of BDSM
A few years ago, I was dating a submissive girl who lived at the other end of the state. She was delightful and adorable and apparently really kinky, but our early visits were rocky; she would express ambivalence and occasional antipathy towards me. Despite this, we kept trying to find a groove over the course of eighteen months. Along the way, she expressed an interest in “slave training”—a topic she’d encountered on BDSM forums, and discussed with other subs. I had not given any sort of training to my previous partners; I tend to develop a romance organically, and teach my partner things, about me or about herself, as needed.
Seeing a training project as an avenue to bring us closer together, I proposed that she visit me for a long weekend of specific lessons. I made a list of kink activities to introduce, a lesson plan for each, and a schedule for each day. Over four days, there would be three 90-minute sessions per day, with breaks in between. Topics included behavior basics, emotions management, kissing, oral service, bondage, pain, protocol, and submissive mindset. I even drafted an agreement for us to sign together, defining the framework of the weekend.
The four days of instruction went well, in fact better than any of our previous meetings. She struggled with a few of the lessons, but didn’t become grumpy or withdrawn, a pleasant surprise. The final lesson concluded with the two of us in a calm, connected place. But the exercise did not dispel the greater issues between us; they soon resurfaced. I suspect she had wanted an experience that would suddenly demolish her internal barriers to feeling safe and connected to a lover; that would train her to be… herself. My training schedule was not nearly as intense as it could have been, but in retrospect I don’t believe that any dom-imposed training regime could have accomplished what she sought.

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