The [DAD] Campaign launched in January 2016, was engineered to spread awareness on the emotional and mental abuse a defective person posing as a “dominant” in the BDSM lifestyle can have on a inexperienced submissives. There are so many would be new submissives interested in this alternative lifestyle however, few of them get the accurate information, education or training that they crave and deserve.

The criteria of the Dominants Against Damage is to provide a safe haven for Dom/mes to meet, greet and discuss important topics regarding the BDSM lifestyle within the Secondlife Urban LGBT community. To dispel common misconceptions associated with the lifestyle. The goal is to help those passionate about the lifestyle obtain accurate information that is none biased or discriminatory. Egos are set aside at [DAD] headquarters. The courses are free and confidential to those that would like to participate and join forces to stamp out the abusers causing emotional damage to others. Our speakers and advisers have over twenty years of experience combined. They have agreed to share freely and offer insight on taboo subjects accompanied with false stereotypes.

It is true no two Dom/mes are the same,however there are common protocols and basic knowledge that every Dom/me should know before getting their feet wet into lifestyle. [DAD} Campaign teaches the art of Domination and submission free of charge in hopes of making a positive difference in the community. Members of [DAD] are kept confidential and treated with integrity and respect. We welcome you to join us! Please view and accept the terms by reading over the disclaimer of this website before going through with registration.

What We Offer

  • Open Discussions
  • Advise & Support
  • Dom/me Training Courses
  • Emoting Workshops
  • Demonstration Workshops
  • BDSM Lifestyle Resources
  • Field Trips
  • Social Hangout
  • PAE (Private Adult Events)
  • Certificate of Honor (upon completion)